Blend_shapes and shape_keys

lexpartizanlexpartizan Posts: 1Member

I trying make in-game character generator for godot from models project MakeHuman.
I make blend-file with one models with 200+ shapekeys. Importing to Godot. Its work.
But, you need make resource local for different characters. File with all blend_shapes - 100 MB.
10 character on screen - 1Gb videomemory. Sux.

Need applying all shapes and generate MeshInstance without blend_shapes.
Without blend_shapes 1 character - 2,5 MB.
I don't know if it's possible.
In blender i can create mix_shape, set it to 1, set this shape like Basis and delete all shapes.
But in godot...
If its possible, can generate character, when scene created from dictionary with blend_shapes values on the fly.

So, anybody have ideas? project.ZIP

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