A suggestion for the popularity of Godot Engine

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Hello all

I saw several posts here related to the popularity of Godot Engine and the general question is: How improve/enhance it?

I maybe have a suggestion:

Considering that all (or almost) is done via social networks like Facebook or Twitter, why not try to spread the word via Linkedin, I already found a small community over there and sent a few invitations but it seems that Godot Engine is not well represented on this network.

If I understood correctly about Linkedin, as soon you're connected with someone in your personal network, it works in both ways, means that the other person your connected with gain another member in his own network. So let’s imagine if, for example, all members here would be connected, it would be exponential.
The other point is that Godot Engine is registered on Linkedin, as a company. The ideal would be (still for example) that any Godot dev forum member follow Godot Engine (as a company on Linkedin).

And no need to post anything (or maybe the main news from time to time), managing or anything else, the network itself could help to spread the word.
In the worst case, it could help those who are looking for a job, as we got a ‘Professionnal Trade’ section here and this too could help for the popularity of Godot Engine.

Your views?

Edit: I already typed an article on Linkedin to try to launch the thing, here it is:



  • SchusterSchuster Posts: 369Member

    Nice article on the Linkedin.....I'm on the Twitter...so i wouldn't have time for Linkedin but the idea is good....thanks for posting this.

  • KequcKequc Posts: 121Member

    I think I first heard about Godot searching "unity alternatives". I really had no idea Godot existed before I did that, and these days it's most of what I search for youtube or elsewhere. But I don't see it mentioned very much organically.

  • keltwookiekeltwookie Posts: 235Member

    Thanks man ! Well, as I said, no need to post/manage anything, just following Godot Engine and connecting to others networks should be enough.

    BTW, I'm supposed following you on Twitter but I never saw your posts on my own page (???)

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