Volunteer scripter - Looking to get to know GDScript by working on a fairly established project

KlonanKlonan Posts: 1Member

After a few years with Lua for Factorio and some experiments with Love2D, I did some research on GDScript and am pretty impressed by the scripting language

Learning by starting a whole new game on my own doesn't seem the best way to go, there are many parts of the Godot engine architecture and the way things are done that I am not familar with.
So I am looking to get some experience by working on an already established project, seeing how it works, adding and extending features using GDScript.

This would be mostly a volunteer/hobby basis, just on evenings and weekends, if payment was offered its fine too, but the project won't be a priority to me

I am more interested in games like,
Space games, flying spaceships and rockets
RTS and strategy games

I am not super interested in something like a JRPG, puzzle game, or Platformer, those games aren't very interesting to me

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