Export test to Iphone with free account problem

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I made a simple game and I want to test it on my iphone.
I made a free apple developer account.
To export it the docs tell us to fill some required field so we can export.

One of the fields is problematic: App Store Team Id.

This is an id that you receive only if you are a member. To be a member you need to have a payed account.
Because I don’t want to pay yet I put a random number. Than the export project button became avalable in godot.
See picture

When I open the project in xcode it tell me that the developer team id is unknown (of course). Anyway, from the dropdown menu I select my free account.

Than 2 notifications appears:

First one tell me that my developer account does’t support push capability (which is true for free accounts). But my game doesn’t need this push capability. In the export settings I unchecked it. See picture

How can i escape from this push notification with my free account.

Also, for the second notiffication what can I do.

I just wanna test a simple basic game.

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