basic 3d scene released!

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hello everyone! i decide to share the low poly assets i made in my spare time,i hope they might be useful to someone.


if you like it,here there are some suggestions to play with it.

-basic fish a.i
-grass interaction
-day/night cycle
-water buoyancy/ripples
-underwater shader
-toon shader
-smoke chimeney
-basic menu
-camera collision detection

note: i include the updated character(player2.tscn scene) with more animations but i couldnt setup
with the new animationtree,i think it needs some code,im not a coder sorry,hopefully
someone will do it.

basic control:

move: W,A,S,D
camera and zoom: mouse

big thank you to all the coders who shared the shaders and scripts.:D

just add me in the credits somewhere as:


known issues:
-softbodies might cause some lag when touching collisions.
-sometimes jigglebones stop working and dissapear the sword, causing some lag too.
-character animations are unpolished sorry, code it's needed to test them.
-character toon shader needs some tweaks with the shadows.

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