Starting an open-source project in Godot

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Good day everyone!
I'm starting an open-source project in Godot, it will be available to anyone on GitHub, and looking for a team. So, maybe anyone is interested?
So here is the basic idea, it can be changed, even though I have some core mechanics already developed, the project is still on the initial stage.
I was thinking of a tycoon/city-building game. This is an isometric 2D(2.5D) space. You have a city map with empty cells/tiles that you can purchase and build some buildings on them. It wasn't meant as a city-building game, so there are no water, electricity and etc., but if you like it more, we can do that too. The land price is changing depending on localization and nearby buildings. The player will also have the ability to purchase upgrades for the buildings. You just upgrade your empire and also your living space. You can purchase two houses and an office for yourself, just as an achievement, they are actually not that helpful.
It's not everything about it and also sorry for such a messy description, but I don't want to make an essay on it, as it's not the point now, all the details can be discussed with the team.
Here is the discord invite link if you are interested:
Will be happy for any response. Have a good day!


  • viminovimino Posts: 6Member

    Hello and thanks. I'd suggest posting at the INAT subreddit if you haven't already since this project might require other roles like artist and (music) composer.

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