[WIP] Generate Brick/Concrete/Tile PBR Materials In Your Browser

njbrownnjbrown Posts: 2Member

Wanna make beautiful PBR materials with little or no effort? Then I have the right tool for you. BrickBuilder will be the first in a series of web-based tools that allows you to easily make great-looking PBR Materials. It's super simple to use and doesnt require any technical knowledge to create something stunning.



Brick Builder - https://texturelab.io/tools/brick-builder
Texture Gallery - https://texturelab.io/browse

Let me know what you think.

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  • wombatstampedewombatstampede Posts: 177Member

    Looks good!

  • TwistedTwiglegTwistedTwigleg Posts: 4,277Admin

    Looks really cool @njbrown!

    However, I think on Safari, or at least on the Mac I'm using, the color picker is having issues. It only shows the hex color value, and if I try to edit the value it always changes the hex to 000000, which I believe is the black (or at least the material becomes black).

    Other than that minor bug, everything else worked fine and it looks like it could be really useful, especially for those who do not have a workflow for making PBR materials setup. :smile:

  • njbrownnjbrown Posts: 2Member

    Nice looking texture you got there :)
    The color picker element isnt an html standard so it might perform differently in some browsers or just wont work at all in others. I'll have to use a plugin to get a better color picker.
    Thanks for the feedback.

  • MithosMoonMithosMoon Posts: 19Member

    very cool tool :)

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