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Since I'm super new here, I'm not sure if I'm posting this at the right place and/or if I should post this on GitHub instead.

I've been dabbling with the new tileset and tilemap editor in Godot 3.1 Alpha and I've thought of an improvement with the tilemap editor that would make working with big tilesets easier. DISCLAIMER: I'm still new with Godot, so I might have missed some feature or functionality.

Right now, when working with big tilesets (hundreds of tiles) like the one we had on Mercenary Kings, the fastest way I've found to create all tiles is to use an atlas rather than defining each tile individually. However, when you use an atlas (or tiles created individually) with your tilemap, tiles are auto-sorted and displayed like this in the tileset window (bottom-right):

This is pretty much unusable with a huge tileset because tiles are not placed like they were in the tileset texture. This can make finding specific tiles really cumbersome.

So, I've thought of 2 features that would make the process of picking tiles and drawing with them a LOT easier:

1st, display the tileset image (or portion created with the atlas) directly in the tilemap editor so that the user can pick them from there, like this:

2nd, allow the user to pick a group of tiles (like a stamp tool) and draw with them.

I'm aware that these functionalities could potentially be a lot of work to implement, but they'd make the process of making tilemaps a lot smoother (in addition to the existing and already great auto tile feature).

Edit: Posted it on Github: Godot 3.1 Alpha Tilemap Editor - Workflow Enhancements

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    You can post feedback here on the forums if you want, but (unfortunately) there is not a lot of Godot engine developers here on the forums. For the most part, the forums are composed of mainly developers using Godot to make games, rather than editing Godot itself.

    Personally, I would suggest posting this on Github. That way more engine developers will see it, and then it can be tagged as a feature request. That will not guarantee it will be noticed or added to Godot, but it will have a much better chance of being seen (and potentially added) by engine developers if it’s on Github.

    All of that said, there is nothing wrong with posting feedback here on the forums! Personally I do not really use the 2D side of Godot that often, but I think the feature suggestions would be very helpful if they were added into the Godot core. I especially think it would be great if there was a tilemap atlas, as it would make selecting tiles way easier.

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    Thanks for the reply. I'll post it on Github as soon as I can. But yeah, my expectations are pretty low since the devs must be flooded with all sorts of requests and Godot seems to be huge. That being said, I think this would be of huge help for devs making complex tile-based games. We've been using Tiled with an exporter as a workaround for these "quality of life" issues with the built-in tilemap editor, but we'd much rather do everything directly in Godot.

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