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This is a game I made for devtober.

The plot is that aliens from the planet Kruncia come to earth, disguised as NEDs, and want to turn the game into a giant cigarette!

Your job, obviously, is to stop them, and stop the man behind it call: Emperor Yunki.

The game is a simple gallery shooter, and doesn't look very appealing, but the few people who played it say it's a lot of fun.

There's a story mode and an endless mode, completing the story mode unlocks the endless mode.

This game is a remake of a Scratch game from 2008 I made during secondary school, and that seemed to be popular back then, where almost the whole school were playing and talking about it.

You can try the game out here:

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  • ChimaereJadeChimaereJade Posts: 45Member

    Wow, you have my respect for an completed game! I think it looks like some fun and the visuals are more than "ok" to me. I love the soundtrack! :D

  • organicpencilorganicpencil Posts: 20Member

    This is amazing

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