Character faces wrong direction when moving and AnimationTree doesn't play the animation

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Hello guys,

I am making a simple 3D platformer engine in Godot, and I am following Jayanam's tutorials on Third Person Movement to do so.

However, when I move my character he faces the wrong direction and after adding an Animation Tree my character's run animation doesn't play like it's supposed to.

I'm a noob at GDScript, How do I fix these issues?

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    Looking at your character he is modeled/exported facing backwards. So that should answer that question.

    As for the AnimationTreePlayer, you forgot to set the AnimationPlayer as master and make it Active(watch from 5:34 onwards):

    Here's the "fixed" project, I just rotated the root bone 180 degrees in godot. Not elegant perhaps, but simple.

    since this had nothing to do with programming I also moved the thread to a more appropriate category.


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