VHS Player Simulator

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Just wanna make use of my lo-fi shader and Godot's features and develop a VHS Player Sim ^_^
Video Content from かいけつゾロリ (Kaiketsu Zorori) Season 3 Opening
Also here's a comparison:

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  • TwistedTwiglegTwistedTwigleg Posts: 3,103Admin

    The shader is pretty subtle with the video, which personally I think is a good thing as it does not distract away from whatever is on the screen. I didn't notice for a quite a while that the shader was turning on and off while the video was going the first time through. Second time through I was able to see the difference when I was looking for it.

    The shader adds a really neat feel and looks great @NoodleSushi!

    Side note: The picture with the Godot logo reminds me of Pony Island :smile:

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