[3.0.6] Collada importer issues

chardetmchardetm Posts: 1Member

Hello everyone! I'm here because I have an issue with importing my 3D assets. I'm using Blender with the Better Collada exporter. I tried to import the resulting .dae file into a web viewer and it works perfectly fine, but in Godot 3.0.6 some parts of the mesh are missing.

Here is what the mesh looks like in Blender:

Here are the Better Collada exporter options I used:

Here's what I get in a web 3d editor (threejs) when importing the .dae file:

And here's what I get in Godot (the half-spheres are not here and the inner polygon is missing some pieces on the border, this happens for some other of my models too):

Here are my import options (I tried to enable or disable "Compress" and "Ensure Tangents" but it doesn't change anything):

Thank you in advance!

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