Looking for Background Image Creation

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## Project Details:
Starting a new project where basic concept of the game is a real-time multiplayer tower defense type battle. Looking for someone who can make a background image in low-poly design similar in style to this image:

The background doesnt need any of the towers on it, just looking to make the terrain. Artist will have creative freedom for most of the details as long as it is in a similar design. The paths will need to follow this layout (circles just marking where towers will be placed on the map, not needed in the image):

Other then making the distance on the paths as equal as possible will be free to design the terrain to match the feel of the first picture.

## Specifications:
Aspect Ratio: 18:9
Resolution: 2160x1080

## Compensation
This is for a personal project, that might go commercial so will need full rights to the image once purchased. Credit will be given in the final project and potential future commissions will be offered to you first (might need towers/troop models as well in the future). As this is a personal project in my free time budget is limited but willing to negotiate. Respond with a quote

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