http request in html5 games

I need anybody´s help, I´m trying make an http request via JavaScript.eval(), to get kongregate high score json, but I don´t know how

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  • htang63htang63 Posts: 2Member
    edited August 2018

    I am doing some similar. I need to make a http request in Html5 export and i am also trying to do this use JavaScript.eval. Currently I am using XMLHttpRequest to create the quest. I can send an asynchronous request but dont know how to get the response using eval. The synchronous request doesn't work. Going to try using fetch api next to see if i have better luck.

  • eskaeska Posts: 5Member

    HTTPClient is implemented in the HTML5 platform in Godot 3. HTTPRequest is based on HTTPClient, so that works as well. Documentation with information on limitations at

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