[SOLVED] Problems compiling GDNative C++ example on OSX

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Does anyone have experience using GDNative on OSX High Sierra? I get errors trying to compile the GDNative C++ example.

In file included from src/gdexample.cpp:1:
In file included from src/gdexample.h:4:
In file included from godot-cpp/include/core/Godot.hpp:11:
In file included from godot-cpp/include/core/CoreTypes.hpp:8:
godot-cpp/include/core/Basis.hpp:15:11: error: union member 'elements' has a non-trivial constructor
                Vector3 elements[3];
godot-cpp/include/core/Vector3.hpp:31:2: note: because type 'godot::Vector3' has a user-provided default constructor

Do I need a different compiler?

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