Citadel of Celestial Cascades

nadomodannadomodan Posts: 1Member
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game page with gifs and download link

This is my first finished Godot game, action platformer with some puzzles in the later levels. Not my first game ever (made few in Game Maker before I switched to Godot), but tell me what you think anyway.

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  • AlexandrosKapAlexandrosKap Posts: 23Member

    I am not really good but I made it to the 13 stage. Great work! Everything feels good and the color palette is beautiful. Maybe a better tutorial would be nice to have.

  • soundchasersoundchaser Posts: 17Member

    Solid game. The sprites are really impressive. Not wild about the music, but that comes down to personal taste. Very impressive for your first time with the engine. :smile:

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