How to get local computer name?

htang63htang63 Posts: 2Member

Hi, I am using Godot to make a html5 app to be used in an embedded linux system. I was hoping to use the local computer name as a form of Id. Is there a way to access the local computer name in godot?

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  • ADisibioADisibio Posts: 7Member

    Unfortunately it looks like Godot's get_unique_ID only works on iOS and Android.

    If you are using mono you can us Environment.MachineName. I don't have a linux machine to try it on but it looks like it would work but I don't think that works with HTML 5.

    Depending on what you are trying to accomplish maybe you could either store a file/cookie on their computer, or if you are storing them, give them a unique id you generate?

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