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DracusDracus Posts: 13Member

Hi all, I'm an experienced game developer for hire.

  • Strong knowledge of C/C++, C# and Python
  • Experience with integration of analytics tools, FB, firebase, notifications, payments, bug/crash report tools, etc.
  • Experience with mobile platforms
  • 10+ years experience
  • Experience with production pipeline organization
  • Experience with Godot, Unity and Unreal

PM me if you are in need of assistance.

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  • DracusDracus Posts: 13Member

    I'm available to take on new projects.
    PM me if you are in need of assistance.

  • Arcturus232Arcturus232 Posts: 19Member

    the offer still active?

  • DracusDracus Posts: 13Member

    Yes, I'm available to take on new projects.

  • jbrooks79jbrooks79 Posts: 2,241Premoderated
    edited April 2020

    I know you may have a NDA, but what have you worked on, mostly because I really like games . . .

    Also, I probably can't afford you, but I'm an artist type, and have some ideas for games, and make indie to A level 3D models . . What games do YOU like, what would make you interested, I don't have a lot of money, but I like games, anyway do you like action games, story games, horror or adventure, anyway I had an idea for a new spin, on Dracula, for a game, also a psychological thriller . . What sort of challenges are you looking for, and how much does a pro-game developer cost, I have no idea <3

    Also: do you have expertise in a particular genre or, style? . . . Just curious . . .

  • DracusDracus Posts: 13Member

    My work has only been AAA, MMOs, etc. I haven't had a proper challenge is a while but here's hoping.
    Cost is either hourly or per project but it depends on the client. I've built all kinds of genres and styles but personally I like RTS.

  • Ryan ScottRyan Scott Posts: 15Member

    For some reason can't send you private message from my phone but I'm interested in learning your hourly rate to help me ramp up.

  • DracusDracus Posts: 13Member

    Sent you a message Ryan.

  • VectorVortecVectorVortec Posts: 1Member

    We are looking for someone who has detailed knowledge of the Godot game engine. Our game is a video editor. We will send you an SVG file of a video (it is new technology). Your code then translates our SVG into game assets. The user can click on any asset or group of assets and move the video sprite to another video. It is a way of bringing the real world into a game without any loss of realism. You might object that this can't be done, but don't be premature; we have worked on this for a long time. You would be paid in cash and the work is remote. An equity position for some of the project is negotiable. After you are familiar with the project, you can quote it, or you can work by the hour.

  • DracusDracus Posts: 13Member

    Sent you a private message VectorVortec.

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