Why is my character 'bouncing' on ledges and slopes?

EineSohnEineSohn Posts: 4Member

first, pastebin link of my character, I'm using kinematics.

I think the jump is feeling quite nice, and wall jump kinda-works.
The problem is that if I go up a ledge, drop from a wall or touch a step, my character is launched upwards. A cool thing if controllable, but what is happening? How do I stop this?

Thanks in advance!

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  • MagicLordMagicLord Posts: 578Unconfirmed

    Godot functions is_on_floor() and is_on_wall() won't work on all situations because this is based objects collision and contact.
    Instead you need to use a common method with Raycast that is lot better.
    You can find video tutorials made by jeremy bullock.

  • EineSohnEineSohn Posts: 4Member

    Actually, I've been messing around since then.
    I think the trouble was with me using _process to move instead of fixed process. I almost works now, although I killed all movement 5 minutes ago... oh well.
    I was however following his tutorial on 3d "soccer game". Now trying to make _fixed work.

    About is_on_floor and is_on_all: for what they're doing on that part of the code, is for triggering a normal jump or normal jump. So far I think it works as even back in Megaman games you had to move towards the wall... So for now I am imagining it working similar to that.

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