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Hey thanks for stopping by and checking my game out! B)
I am currently working on a platforming action game in Godot 3 called "Wild Tail"(Name Not Final!).
Coming from being a big Unity user I am very interested in using Godot and I decided to take the plunge by sharing my progress as I go.




What is Wild Tail?

So far Wild Tail has you playing as a creature based on a jeroba (a small long tailed mouse kind of animal). You travel through a fictional land based around the Arabian Peninsula, Northern Africa and Eastern Europe. Here you will go through different areas interacting with the various animals that live there.

Gameplay Progress:

You can do the basic platforming moves such as running, jumping, and ledge grabbing. I made some extra little moves to play with as well that involve the tail like a helicopter hovering moved and a whirlwind attack. The whirl wind attack allows the you to spin and daze other animals on the first spin. After doing another spin the dazed animal will dizzily flung off the screen. There will also be different kinds of creatures to interact with that will act as "level mechanics/gimmicks".

I also am trying to find a balance between a "mario" goal destination type of levels and more open ended Banjo Kazooie styled areas. These don't have one set goal, but you can pick which part of the level you want to go to first with fun little challenges to take up.


I have been trying to keep this a realistic project that I could stick to and finish. Also I have been learning a lot about making games over a few years and I am ready to take up to the next level. I am aiming to finish this game in late 2020, but everything takes longer than we think so date is tentative at the moment.

Some Game Influences:

The game is inspired a lot by the now older Rare series Donkey Kong Country and Banjo Kazooie. Not only those games, but seemingly "random" games like Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles and Toki Tori 2!


I am using Krita do most of the pixel art. It's free and open source as well so it seems to be right there with Godot. With Krita I have been taking advantage of the index painting technique you can do with it.
GDQuest has a really great tutorial on it if you're curious:
It makes backgrounds and other objects with pixel art very smooth to make.

Thanks again for reading if you made it this far! The game will may look like a funny little pixel platformer, but there is more to it than it seems! ;)

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    The Game Has Changed

    I couldn't fight myself anymore and had to go 3D since this is the game I want to make. I love 2D pixel art, but I personally find it a lot easier to work with 3D modeling over pixel art. Especially after I took a test drive of Godot 3's 3D.

    (Here is an Album of some models I had in Godot: https://imgur.com/a/iTPCF)

    I remade a 3D character controller that I am very happy with. It is modeled after the way Mario controls in Super Mario Sunshine. It needs a few more tweaks , but it feels solid to me so far.

    The main character model is still a work in progress of course. Some parts like the arms and thighs are not quite where I want the to be just yet. Notably the head came out pretty awesome in my opinion!

    I've been pretty busy lately so I haven't been able to get more stuff together to show off. Though I should be getting a lot more time really soon here so hopefully I can throw together a little video hopefully.

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    The desert environments are looking good. :)

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    @Megalomaniak said:
    The desert environments are looking good. :)

    Thank you, It is a start! B)

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    Chipping Away.

    So it looks like I'm down to just doing monthly updates for this project for now. I'm in the middle of doing a big update for a mobile game so I've been limiting myself from working on any outside projects. Here is some picture progress for the month of June:

    Heres the character's armature that I have been making, the next step for this is making some IK for the elbows, knees, and probably the tail too.

    Also here is some nightmare fuel for you enjoy.

    So in June E3 happened and looking at all these crazy AAA games with their crazy detailed environments really inspired me. I know I won't be able to make something that looks like any of those games all by myself( maybe if I spent a solid 10 - 15 billions years). Though it made me want to try to step up the look of my game a little bit where I am realistically able to do so.
    I spent some time to get down with some shaders in Godot and worked on this terrain shader that used a splat map. It is nothing too crazy, but I did play around with it to have the textures have some extra definition!

    For now I am making the mesh part of the terrains in blender then I put this terrain shader onto them in Godot. I am not making a huge open world game so it doesn't quite need a lot of giant game terrain features. The levels are more Super Mario Odyssey/Galaxy sized areas.

    I have some of my own textures that I have been collecting together that I plan to use instead, but these do look nice!

    Overall I really like how it works and is looking.

    So that is most of what I did for June! I should be done with the mobile stuff in a week or two so then I can do some more work on this again. It has been a blast so far working with Godot so far! I also did the Godot Game Jam and made this thing https://darrell-wulff.itch.io/meltdown-hydrocooler-force feel free to give a whirl if you haven't already.

    Next update for this project is going to be more gameplay focused since E3 made me go on a graphics tangent that probably can be put on the back burner for now. Thanks for checking a look!

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    Nice work! Keep it up. I'll be anxious to see how it goes.


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    hey! you are the guy who made that hydrocooler game,pretty creative!
    i cant wait for some gameplay of this new project.

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    Even More Chipping

    So for the month of July I truly wanted to get into doing more AI character based stuff and having them interact with the player. The problem was that my previous player controller set up was not up to the task. Every time I was making something new it was breaking ,so I completely redid it. The new character controller set up took a while to figure out and still has quite a lot of polishing to do! It has turned out really great and I'll be using a similar set up for the AI now.

    I was also able to start making a neat camera system that will change perspectives when told to. I was inspired by how Nier Automata had all these different angles that would change really dynamically. There is also the player controlled camera zoom that I am currently deciding how I want to do. Still ironing out the bugs on these!

    Here is a nice little video showcasing the controller in a test area:

    I also wanted to change up the character design to make it less cartoony. I decided make the character more of a fictional beast that was a combination of a mouse, fox, and cat type of animal. The combinations of different animals is fun to do and is probably how I will design most of the other creatures when its time.

    feat: badly combed fur

    The fur is another area that I have been looking into as well. There is a few different approaches I have in mind, but I don't feel it is the right time to dive into it quite yet. Hopefully for September I can get some AI creatures running around and some more polish on the character controller! :)

    AlsoI recently just made a twitter and would love to follow you! I'll be putting more Godot made stuff on there in the future: https://twitter.com/DWulffMan

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    yup! gameplay looks solid :) ,your project looks better every update.
    but toony is not more easy to make than realistic?
    i really like that Nier Automata camera style!! looks pro. :)

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    @aztecsensei said:
    yup! gameplay looks solid :) ,your project looks better every update.
    but toony is not more easy to make than realistic?
    i really like that Nier Automata camera style!! looks pro. :)

    Thank you so much! I think realistic wasn't the best word to use. It will still be mostly stylized , but just in a less "goofy" way.
    I do like the toony look in general through!

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    Getting over the burnout

    The month of August was packed month for me and I had to take a week or two off some projects since I was getting burned out from various different things. It felt really good to take a step away from it all for a little bit and now September I am feeling refreshed. o:)

    Earlier this month I tried to do ludum dare using godot, but didn't finish due to some unforeseen circumstances. I was super close to being done with my little game here are some pictures:

    You run across the falling platforms to grab a key which unlocks a gate to the next level. Pretty simple gameplay, but I'm not sure what i am going to with the game it quite yet

    Heres a close up of the main character in blender. If anything I got a lot of extra practice in blender making characters and hand drawn models. :D

    Easing myself back into my projects I decided to start experimenting with some music for this "wild tail" game.
    I want the music to have a certain unique feeling to it if I can pull it off. I ended up trying some things and made some neat ideas to start branching off of.

    I tried my best not to spend to much time on it cause I can get suck in to making music for hours easily!
    Playing around with some delay, a tube screamer distortion vst, and a contra bass made this really aggressive plucking sound that I think would be great for running into predator beasts. I definitely will be trying to see what crazy things I can do to this enhance the sound!

    Other stuff I have been doing is improving the character controller and camera controls. The camera now orbits around the player and can be controlled like many third person games do. The camera has some acceleration when following the player, still working on this since it can have a bit too much motion going on.
    Interacting with the different creatures that inhabit the area is a BIG part of this game so I have been doing some reading and research on some AI stuff before I go slapping together some state machines. With Godot 3.1 and the IK I have been also experimenting with some procedural animation, nothing too fantastic yet though.
    Well that is it for August 2018!

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    wow! you doing a lot of work :o .
    what amaze me its that you doing everything by yourself!! :D
    btw, i thought the main character was a fox? :#

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    @aztecsensei said:
    wow! you doing a lot of work :o .
    what amaze me its that you doing everything by yourself!! :D
    btw, i thought the main character was a fox? :#

    Haha thanks though its kinda scary since there still so much work to do, I've only scratched the surface!
    The main character is still that fox creature, the bald girl character was for my unfinished Ludum Dare game jam game.

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