[Closed] Coder/generalist looking for hobby project

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EDIT - Project(s) found! For anyone with similar needs: Discord is much more active.

Hey all. I'm your standard basement-dwelling introvert that's looking for a social fix. Used to get it from online gaming, but now that feels like a huge waste of time. I'd much rather be working with the Godot engine.

What I can offer:
-10+ years of hobby gamedev "experience"
-24 hour response time
-Mild programming background (a few paid gigs here and there)
-Some experience with the whole pipeline, notably blender
-Roughly 10 hours/week

Bonus points for:
-Lots of undeserved positive feedback
-3D (2D is acceptable, but you must already have an idea prepared. My brain works in 3D)
-Having an existing design document OR wanting to resurrect one of my old pet projects
(brainstorming game ideas kills my soul, unless it's like, for a game jam)

Some old work:
You might know me from games like "Slender: The Square Menace" and "Whale Race". If not: Good. Don't look them up.

25, UTC -5, United States

PM with portfolio if interested!

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