Let's build a Free Alternative of Megascans, (Photoscanned Library)

noname00noname00 Posts: 8Member

I'm having difficult problems to get proper models of few things such as Rocks, soils, and Gravels. Photo scans are the time-consuming process. So, I'm thinking to make a community maintained project, from which people can easy download/upload his/her photo scans, for the other users which have same problems.

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  • makit3dmakit3d Posts: 1Member

    Something like this has been started by the same group that created HDRI Haven. It should prove to be a very nice resource.

    Of course it doesn't mean there can't be other sources of a similar type. If you do some research online you'll find there are many free sources of textures available. Most of them will not be PBR compliant. With the available software from companies such as Quixel you can take a non-PBR image/texture and separate the relevant channel data from it to create PBR compliant texture images.

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