Sprite Templates?!

WigatronWigatron Posts: 10Member

Hi All,

This might be a silly question. But is there any such thing as a Sprite template?

As in, something that has a basic outline or shape of the style your attempting recreate, that contains all the drawings required for animating.

any help is appreciated


  • SolarLuneSolarLune Posts: 37Member
    edited January 2018

    I'm not sure of what you're referring to. If you mean some kind of template that exists for, say, 2D Pokemon character sprites for you to take into a sprite editor and edit to make your "own" character, I'm sure that exists on the Internet somewhere.

  • TwistedTwiglegTwistedTwigleg Posts: 4,292Admin

    In the 3D world there is basemeshes... I’m not sure if that helps with sprites though...

    I’d suggest searching “[insert style here] sprite template” on google. Even searching “sprite template” gives interesting results (lots of RPG templates though :sweat_smile: but there’s others too). A good place I find to look for sprites is OpenGameArt.

  • disemqdisemq Posts: 34Member

    I think you may be referring to "image placeholders" or "image fillers".
    Search Google for some images to use as placeholders :)

  • Tutorial DoctorTutorial Doctor Posts: 4Member
    edited February 2018

    I've been thinking of creating this. https://github.com/TutorialDoctor/Piskel-Art

    I haven't found a systematic and organized way of going about it yet though.

    I'm thinking about separating the characters into body parts. Head, torso, legs, arms. This way the parts are interchangeable and you can mix and match to create different characters. I usually make sprites no larger than 256x256.

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