Coloring cells based on movement range

BigweightBigweight Posts: 1Member

Hi everyone! I'm new to godot and I'm trying to convert the code from a project I was working on GMS 1.4....I wasn't that far into, so I'm not having too many problems, but I was wondering if there's a way in Godot to do what you can see in the img.

Basically it's a grid based, turn based rpg, and I want the cells of the grid to be coloured to show the player where the character can move in one action (the blue cells) and where in 2 actions (yellow).

I followed GD quest's tutorial to do grid based games, but I don't know how to accomplish what I want....

I thought of making an array that will store all the reachable nodes based on the character "mobility" variable and then use a for loop to create n 64x64 transparent blue squares ....but I don't know how to populate this array...

Any suggestions? or even another easier method?


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