Final Storm is Released!

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Final Storm released today on Steam and!

Final Storm is a cross-platform twin-stick shooter and bullet hellish game. It's designed as a pickup game you can play in 3-5 minutes when you just wanna shoot a lot of bullets and dodge just as many. Survive as many waves as possible and pickup a few power-ups along the way (.. ahem... you'll need them). Enemies increase in number and difficulty as waves progress. They're worth more points each wave.

This is my first game developed in Godot and the experience has been awesome! It is the "official" game engine of my company :smile: I also want to contribute to the source code a bit. I'll be writing a post-mortem very soon.

Welsknight Gamer Reviewed it on Youtube

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  • Shin-NiLShin-NiL Posts: 158Member

    Very impressive, congratulations :)

  • ebano90ebano90 Posts: 1Member

    A good game, how many people are on the team and how much time did they have to do it?

  • HaplotyperHaplotyper Posts: 23Member

    Nice work and congrats!

    I Bought and played it for about an hour. I only had 1 crash and it was the first time I played it, but everything was fine after that. The game play is very fast and smooth. Sound effects and music are really well chosen. The difficulty progresses well with each wave.

    I wish you could keep more power-ups after like wave 10 ;P

    Definitely recommend.

  • bionic-yetibionic-yeti Posts: 10Member

    Oh wow.. I never got any notices people commented on this post. Thanks for the feedback :smile: . @ebano90 My team is just me, and 3 "testers". The whole project took 6 weeks with a "vacation" in the middle of that. Part of that time was learning Godot, patching a Windows fullscreen bug in the engine, and figuring out Steam and But it was a great project and I learned a lot doing it.

    @Haplotyper thank you for supporting me. I'm curious though - what platform are you running on? Did it ever crash again for you? I've had crashes on Android (I'm porting right now) but never any of the desktop OS's.

    Again - thanks for checking it out. It's been a very fun project and I'm pumped to add to this and start the next one.

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