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SkePixel is a survival crafting game which currently has over 150+ crafting recipes and has over 10 different crafting stations. I plan on releasing the game in a few months and working on the rest of the quests. It is similar to factorio, minecraft, and skyblock.

Base game only took me three weeks, and spending the rest to improve other game details. Built games faster in godot than I did in monogame.

Have a demo too! Game runs on mac, linux, and Pc. You can download it here:

what currently the game has (most is nerd/code stuff):

  • three playable characters
  • quests for basic(just meansing starting quests to understand the basics), cooking, farming, and smithing
  • optional quest rewards, recipe lookup, etc.
  • full drag and drop support. spliting and combing stacks of items
  • crafting, cooking, grinding, sieving, etc.
  • save and loading
  • settings to change screen size, sound, autosave, etc.
  • autotiling
  • day and night cycles (fully fade to night and fully fade to day)
  • weather system. (currently only got rain)
  • date / hour system but tied into the day / night cycles.

What the game will have after released as in "updates":

  • Item, Power, Liquid, and autocrafting Automation (like buildcraft)
  • machinery
  • Monsters/Enemies
  • Rest of the quest. Eg. automation, brewing, tailoring, etc.
  • Equip crafted items
  • achievements
  • weather temperatures
  • resting (able to skip night cycles)

Enjoy the pictures!


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