help with accessing the rasterizer via GDscript (2.1.4)

KalahertyKalaherty Posts: 5Member

I'm sort of hoping this is a dumb question, but I've been researching this most of the day...

I've written an options screen for a game I'm working on, but I'm having problems accessing the rasterizer...

Since I have the stretch mode as "viewport", the resolution scaling is quite easy and does help with speeding things up for android devices... If I remember correctly, it sort of works the same as OpenGL ES because I don't think you ever really change the resolution via the Android NDK (I might be wrong about that).

Anywho, I wish to change the per-pixel lighting option and maximum shadow size. I have found a solution using the "ConfigFile" class, but it seems to require a restart... that seems odd... I can sort of understand why a restart is required for recalibrating the shadow map texture (sort of), but I think a boolean switch between vertex lighting and per-pixel lighting seems odd...

Is there a quick option I can call through GDscript without requiring a restart? Or should I just use a ConfigFile "save" and "load" to handle this and accept the restart required?

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