Racer's Art

Hi there,
I am a (quite unprofessional) 3D-modeler, who is learning by making.
I am quite good at building low poly and some pixelart like stuff (preferring cars).
For example this '88 Camaro:

This car features a normal, repaintable version and a police car.
It has a 128x128 texture and weights (as a police car with siren) 714 triangles, it's pixelart like and is game-ready.

I could more things like this for you, if you need it. I "work" for free, so feel free to contact me if you like what you see.

Greetings Racer

P.S.: sorry for my bad English.


  • John NitrousJohn Nitrous Posts: 10Member

    Another ride,

    This time it's a prisoner transport/ SWAT van. 802 triangles and a 128x128 pixel texture.
    Greetings Racer

  • NeoBerlinNeoBerlin Posts: 106Member

    Hi @Racer69 ,
    i know - lil bit old this post, but...you are still in here?
    ok...this looks like a nice start - did you build out your skills in the last year?
    and, whats your native language?

    oh...can i see the source of your models?

  • John NitrousJohn Nitrous Posts: 10Member

    Uhm... hi @NeoBerlin !
    Yeah I am still here. I am working for a nice guy right now.
    I don't know if my "skills" got that much better. I'll post some pictures here for you to see:

    My native language is German and the source of my older models doesn't exist anymore.
    I have to remake those, their wires and proportions were really bad, from what I know now.
    I know this isn't quite the answer you would have wished for but I'm hoping that this is not too bad.

  • NeoBerlinNeoBerlin Posts: 106Member

    Das Auto sieht super aus.
    Sorry, dass ich jetzt erst antworte - bin grad beruflich ziemlich eingespannt, aber das legt sich bald wieder.
    Modelst du in Blender? Ich nutze nur Blender.
    Ich könnte mal ein Template aufsetzen, indem man mal die Autos fahren lassen könnte...hab mir mal ne engine gebastelt gehabt...ich bekomme Autos iwie nicht hin...Strassen, Häuser, Bäume...aber keine Autos :D

    Vielleicht lässt sich ja mal was zusammen auf die Beine stellen ;)

    Schöne Grüße aus Berlin

  • ArsalanKhan6ArsalanKhan6 Posts: 3Member

    Amazing, you are on the right path to develop more 3D arts such as this. hope to see more from your works. :)

  • cyberealitycybereality Posts: 1,031Moderator

    Really love the pixel art look. I might try that and see what I can come up with.

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