Testers Needed - CI/Continuous Deployment for Godot

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Closed beta of our (Gamebuildr's) Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment tool has been released and is available for free to whoever would like to try it.

There are a number of testers putting the system through its paces at the moment, but the more the merrier. We're really aiming to build as robust and useful a tool as possible, as we, as gamedevs ourselves, have experienced just how useful a good CI/CD service can be for the process of game development. Team work is so much easier to coordinate, latest builds are pushed to the cloud so everything's nicely streamlined for collaboration, and the system takes care of a lot of time consuming dev ops. You can also monitor your builds, monitor reports and unit test your builds for faster iteration.

Right now we're looking for testers to use the system and break it in weird and wonderful ways while we polish it out as much as possible. Anyone interested can sign up at www.gamebuildr.io and will be put on the system as soon as it's ready. We hope you all like what you find!

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