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Hi, :)
WakyDriver is my first Godot release and the first 3D game I developed.
This game was originally developed with cocos2d-js. Later I started a porting while learning Godot game engine.
The code needs to be optimised, also some 2D graphics and 3D models, though performances seems already good enough.
In this release there are only one game mode and a limited number of levels (just for testing the game play, music etc.etc.).
Future updates will include more levels, game modes, environments, new vehicles and a levels editor (which is already working on pc, I used it to generate the built in levels).
At the moment is available on google play and for mac and windows (not a specific version but simply an export of the same game).


here are the desktop versions download links on itch.io

check also my web site

gameplay and the editor in action:

track editor:

some screenshots

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    How did you make the items fit so nicely in the level editor? I'm having problems working out the rotations!

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    No 3d math calculations are involved.
    The track is built reading strings sequences, the editor manipulates these strings and add (or remove) 3D objects on the scene.
    Every objects is a track piece and is a child of the previous in the sequence.
    Every object is a single scene that contains the 3D model and some specific "Position3D" nodes that are pre-rotated.
    3 of them are for adding road directions (left, center, right) , the other 2 are for objects positions (cars, items, obstacles).
    So, every next road piece will be added as a child of the specific "position3D" node.

    In the image below the origin positions are slightly not overlapped in order to have a clear view.
    In game they are precisely overlapped

  • ZireaelZireael Posts: 91Member

    That's a really nice trick, thanks for sharing!

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