[Tutorial] Splash Screen in Godot Engine

TyboboboTybobobo Posts: 47Member

Here we have one way of handling splash screens - while loading data simultaneously on start-up. :)

Sorry for the delay between videos. I have a lot on my hands, including the "big" tutorial I am working on regarding the 2D Top-Down Vehicle Shooter project.

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  • PaintsocksPaintsocks Posts: 1Member

    Really informative on how to use different strategies and coding, and also how to work with scenes and scene loading. Still a noob but looking forward to learning more. Thank you!

  • HaphyHaphy Posts: 5Member

    Sir, how the code would look like if I want to put 2 splash screen without user input to skip nor loading data?Just transition between two splash screens then followed by main menu(title screen)

  • MegalomaniakMegalomaniak Posts: 2,895Admin

    You could probably create a timer and use a tween to fade from one to the next.

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