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FlorixFlorix Posts: 33Member

Hi guys i would like to compile for iOS to use the mamau chartboost ads module on iOS. I did these steps:
1-i've downloaded the 2.1 of godot engine from github.
2-Downloaded the root of chartboost from mamau_github that extracted gave "mamau_chartboost-master" in withch there was the folder "mamau_chartboost" that i putted in the "module"folder in the engines root folder.
3-Downloaded the sdk for mac from chartboost and added the file "Chartboost.framework" in "godot-2.1/modules/mamau_chartboost/ios/lib", without deleting the file "Add Chartboost.framework here".
4- "scons p=iphone tools=no bits=32 target=release arch=arm"
"scons p=iphone tools=no bits=64 target=release arch=arm64"
"lipo -create bin/godot.iphone.opt.32 bin/godot.iphone.opt.64 -output bin/godot.iphone.opt.universal"
first two gone well i think, even if the second one tool a little while....but the third line of command terminates with fatal error because those two files in bin does not the files in the "bin" folder are these ones and there are not those called from line of code from the docs:
godot.iphone.opt.arm, godot.iphone.opt.arm.dSYM,godot.iphone.opt.arm64,godot.iphone.opt.arm64.dSYM
Thanks guys...

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  • Shin-NiLShin-NiL Posts: 158Member

    I think you should try lipo this way:
    lipo -create bin/godot.iphone.opt.arm bin/godot.iphone.opt.arm64 -output bin/godot.iphone.opt.universal

  • FlorixFlorix Posts: 33Member

    I have made it and then renamed the final file godot.opt.iphone but that has not worked. Or should i leave it with it's name?

  • Shin-NiLShin-NiL Posts: 158Member

    So far you've created a custom template, the next step is to "Export for iOS". For that, following the official docs, just rename your file to godot_opt.iphone and replace it on the xcode project.

  • FlorixFlorix Posts: 33Member

    I have made that but that doesn't load on the phone. I have already made for iphone and works without ads but i was using files in those export templates always.

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