[WIP] Galactic Market | Text survival/trading game

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Hi everyone

I'm happy to present a little side project to learn godot.
It's a space trading game similar to Elite or Escape velocity but without the 3D flight simulator.

For the moment all visuals are pretty minimalist, I will see if in the future I will improve them but it's not the focus now.

Currently you can buy/sell products in a few different planets. You can get a loan and a bank account (to save your money if something bad happen.

Planned features:

  • Unique locations (like a space station or an outpost) which provide special bonus and goods at a discount price
  • Crafting (you can assemble various raw materials to produce complex goods like iron + electronic circuit = machine
  • Semi persistent world (when you don't play, things can happen)
  • Economic based on offer and demand (you can crash the price if you flood the market with something
  • Black market where you can sell/buy illegal goods

I'm also planning to have better UI + eventually some sort of minimal graphics. Not sure yet how it will look. Any idea is welcome
I will post regularly updates about the game.


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