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The Wild Witch Project, a game inspirated in honor, magic, trash movies, web legends, coffee and a lot of nerd conversation around a table!

Midest 2000 I was join with other nerds to make a fanzine, some basic histories rises with caffeine and chats about comics, Saint Seiya, Evangelion and memes...

Then one of mine remains pinned in my mind... one of my characters in a solo adventure, to save her forest.
Originally called Wid Witch, I try to make it a comic, after it I try to make a little flash game... then I goes revolted and finally try to make it a huge game..

The Witch

The Bunny


Old Man Spirit

![Old Man-Spirit]

The Arch-Mage



The Blond

The Man!

The Cleric

The cat

The fluffy bunny

Transport way

An Arphy

The Witch with no hat

The test with Godot

The decission

The pirate way

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  • HaplotyperHaplotyper Posts: 23Member

    Hey Marcos! Good to see ya around here. I've been following your project and youtube channel for some time. Really looking forward to it!

  • KioriKiori Posts: 246Member

    :lol: awesome. Looks funny. Keep it up!

  • Shin-NiLShin-NiL Posts: 158Moderator

    Oh man, so many Brazilian culture there. I like it :D

  • MegalomaniakMegalomaniak Posts: 1,835Admin

    As others have stated, your youtube channel has been very helpful, thanks. I'll definitely be following this project. :)

  • marcosbitettimarcosbitetti Posts: 26Member
    edited November 2016

    @Shin-NiL One time a professional game developer spoke that the major error of brazilian developers are make brazilian games... of course he is fully of money. But... first at all I make my game for hobby ... And I think: What a fuck is this? Why using my culture not work and the others culture can work?
    When I studied it, I discover so much more conections on cultures that you think! All hero stereotype in comics appears in all folklore, and all folklore appears in all comics heroes. It appears in game history. Instead a joke wich as north american or a sinister witch from north europe, we have a beaut witch... here we have a different connection with these occult symbols.

    Thnks @Megalomaniak @Kiori @Haplotyper whait for news.

  • marcosbitettimarcosbitetti Posts: 26Member

    :) wildwitchproject.com.br/2016/12/olhos-de-manga-o-shader.html

    A new dev log of shader production, Godot 3.0 make new shader format, but I programing it as simple to provide fast convertion.

  • marcosbitettimarcosbitetti Posts: 26Member

    It's good see some positive reasons on community, specially from Facebook.

    Well this is progress... more details come from projects blog.

  • John NitrousJohn Nitrous Posts: 10Member

    Sorry that I am interrupting this radio ailence, but this project is AWESOME. I just wanted to say this. Good luck with this!

  • TrinketosTrinketos Posts: 14Member

    one of your characters looks like Don Ramon of el chavo del 8 xD

  • marcosbitettimarcosbitetti Posts: 26Member

    Thnks @Racer69
    @Trinketos it's just your impression

  • marcosbitettimarcosbitetti Posts: 26Member

    A new hardware to back again in action ^_^


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