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If you wanna post your new project on the forums please observe the following guidelines to make the most of this section.

About titles:

Please dont add special symbols like () or [], etc, to your discussion Title, it will be edited out. Only exception being - (dash).
Also, don't add any information about the project in the title. The tags will relay information about the supported platforms, and the text inside the post can present further details about your project.
Think of your discussion title as something you would display in a store, and not just a post title. It ought to only contain the actual project's title, straight and to the point, and not contain words like "project" or "godot", unless they are part of the name.

About the thumbnails:

The forum now supports thumbnails! It's great, and it only shows up in the projects category, not clogging the rest of the forum.
The very first image you post in your projects discussion will be caught and resized into a max H-W(60px-80px) thumbnail.
The image can be of any size, so you can upload regular photos and logos, but it will be distorted if it's not a square.

Use the "add images" button at the bottom to add images. Alternatively you can use direct links to any image on the web through the file_icon -> img url, below the post title when editing your post. If it is a gif(animation) however you should either upload it to giphy or any other service that gives you a direct link to the img, and post the direct link via the above mentioned img_url entry. You can also upload it to imgur, and post the plain imgur link, it will be rendered properly.

This post might be updated at any time so check back form time to time.

Feel free to msg me if you need any support or have further questions.

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