My Ludum Dare n.36 submission

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I want to share my game that I made for the LD n.36 compo:

It is (of course) made with Godot Engine 2.1. It is my first finished game (I started a lot of them but never finshed anything till now) and my first Ludum Dare entry. It is a small point and click adventure with platformer movement. So give it a try if you want to! Feedback would be appreciated.

And.. Don't look at the source. Really. It's a mess. That's what happens if you make a game in 48 hours, it is not an example of a good project structure...

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    Oh yah, I wanted to comment on this, went played it for like an hour and then forgot, sorry! ????

    It was actually really pleasant except for a couple of things ????. I managed to get the key (by pure luck) and I think you could have improved it by having some clues on the map of the whereabouts instead of some invisible platforms that you can jump on by luck. I managed to get the generator to work but I couldn't find the solution for the sprocket out whatever you call it. All in all I think you could be a pretty good level designer of you put your mind to it. Nice try ????
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    Thank you for your comment! There is actually a hint on the hidden platforms behind the tree. The guy on the floating island tells you, after you gave him oil (you have to speak to him again though). The platforms were the remaining of the plan to include more platformer stuff (for example, an item which you can place anywhere on the world and then jump on it). So it has some mechanics and types of puzzles that aren't in classic point and click adventures. But I didn't have time for that (I already had to work very hard to get this done, about 35 hours I guess).
    And yeah, I really like level design!

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