SMRT-Godot: A dialog system with a fancy name

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Hi friends, I mostly use the facebook community to interact, but was missing the feeling of forums...


I released some days ago the dialog system for my WIP game. It is licensed under MIT and is my personal contribution to the community.

See it in action


- Resolution independent
- Instead of X and Y coordinates, it uses 3 different positions relative to the screen viewport: Top, middle and bottom
- Typewriter effect with optional sound.
- The text accept bbcode and its myriad of features like setting the colors of words
- Pretty customizable

Download and more info(including a Getting Started guide) on the g ithub page:

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  • ChattoVTChattoVT Posts: 10Member

    Does this still work in 3.0? I have installed it in my project but don't know what to do next!

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