Gamejolt API plugin-module

The_DuskittyThe_Duskitty Posts: 30Member
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Im making this because i'd like to know if it would be possible to perhaps take the C++ Version of the gamejolt API and convert it to a plugin or module for Godot so you could connect to their database and stuff Here's where the API itself is

I have no actually knowledge of how to make these things, but im just curious to know if it would be entirely possible to implement this into a module or something for use, i asked on the Q&A and people said that i just needed to put the module into the Source folder, but the thing is it isnt really written for godot...soooo any help with this would be helpful or if anybody would be willing to put in the time to making it would be greatly appreciated

Thanks for answering / Helping if you choose to do so~

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  • SakakiSakaki Posts: 30Member
    Yeah this would be a great implementation. I tried to figure out by downloading the API, but...To be honest I didn't understand anything :neutral: 

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