How to build 3D terrain.

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I want to generate terrain. Like in the World Editor of Warcraft III.<br /><br /> I saw the GridMap example, but that was too "blocky". I want to make my terrain look more organic with curves and then add textures, shaders, lighting etc.<br /><br />For this I need to generate a mesh of class MeshInstance using the SurfaceTool class right? I tried doing that. But it seems too creepy crazy. How do I have control over the vertices? Am I supposed to use triangles? How do I make this happen? How do I sew all those triangles to seem like one seamless organic terrain mesh?<br /><br />Please Help.


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    1). Download Blender (<br />2). Download Godot's better collada exporter<br />3). Place the better collada exporter into Blender's addons folder<br />4). Activate the addon in Blender and model a terrain mesh<br />5). Export it as a .dae file using the addon and use Godot's importer to see it in the engine<br /><br />I assume you might be new to the concept of a 3D game creation pipeline (hence the steps).
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    I know that pipeline. But I want to do it programmatically. From GDScript within Godot. So that it can be procedurally created to be different in every time you start a new game.<br /><br />Actually I just first want to create a terrain editor in Godot. Something like the terrain editor of Warcraft III Known as the "World Editor". That was just beautiful and simple.
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    Well, that would definitely be a handy tool for Godot users.<br />Blender definitely doesn't have a map editor like W3 or Unity. I do remember that in the old forum there was a guy who introduced us to his own project of map editor (open source), initially made for another engine (in java). I do remember that at this time the editor could not export to any workable format for godot, but the author was trying to fix that.<br />Sorry but I can't remember the name of the editor. It must be somewhere in the archives of the forum.
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    Oh, I found it. That was IrrRPG Builder. <br />
  • OpenSourceDudeOpenSourceDude Posts: 5Member
    The author of IrrRPG builder was trying to make it used for Godot?! Wow! This is amazing! I saw IrrRPG builder before, in pursuit of a W3 WorldEditor-like 3D Editor. I will certainly send him a message. Thanks Gokudomatic! :D
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