Problems drawing a 2D Path

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Hi, i'm a new in Godot and I did some tutorial in "Game Engine From Scratch" and i have a lot of problems draw the path.<br /><br />I know, that the tutorial was made based on an older version. But I could always find a way do it.<br /><br />My problem is in "myScene_2.scn" when I click somewhere in the maze.<br /><br />I've been reading the manual and I've noticed that the node I use, can not use the "draw_cricle" function (I tried to make a Node2D that use a script where calls some thinks necessary in the "path" but I could not get it to work)<br /><br />Thanks for any help.<br /><br />The link to see my project is this:<br /> - 2D Navigation and Path;br /><br />The tutorial that i make is this:<br />


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