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Hi everyone I am new here. First of all thank you all for creating such a wonderful community.<br />I decided to finish a project to learn the engine(again actually I did another one around when the godot first came out).<br /><br />I also have a question. I want to learn engines source code and make contribution. I started with debugging the code in kd. But It's not going so well, maybe it's because of my lack of experience. If you can suggest me some books or articles about concepts used in godot it would be great(or anything which you think would be helpful). <br />Thanks again.


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    This topic has been moved to the general section for its extremely generic nature.<br /><br />First off, if you wanna make a post about a released project, do so in a format that is more in line with other posts in the same section.<br /><br />The question you asked should have been made in a separate post, in the general section. Along with the thank you note.<br /><br />Please divide the things you wanna do/say into separate posts, in their respective categories.<br /><br />It increases chances of you being heard, and make for a much less messy reading experience for other memebers.
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    I didn't know it was possible to add some ads on Godot's projects :/<br /><br />Quite fun to play by the way.
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    Yes you can add and also there is a nice tutorial here if you are interested.<br />Sorry for the inconvenience I will be more careful.
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