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If you know of any tutorials that should be added to the list here in OP please post them below! Got some ideas on how to better order the list? Let me know below! Most important of all however, if you are an author of a tutorial, and you don't want your tutorial listed here, please do feel free to PM me and the post will be edited.

For the time being the best place to find a list of tutorials is likely Godot Engine by Andre Antonio Schmitz, non the less I will try to collect here links as well. After all, even though there's likely going to be some 'double posting' - however better to have many aggregates than all of a sudden find that a site has gone down(or what ever else could happen) and tutorials becoming all of a sudden hard to find. With that said...

Series(both text and video):
Blogs, Wiki's & misc.:


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    Space reserved for continuation should the first post ever grow too long.
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    Regarding video tutorials, there's also:
    - Andreas Esau's series
    - Let's make a game with Godot... Space Blaster 84 by FOSS365
    - Meeting the nodes series by reduz

    There are also quite a few resources listed on https://godot-engine.zeef.com
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    You can include my ads modules tutorials:

    Quick Tutorial: How to use AdMob
    Quick Tutorial: How to use Appodeal

    Thanks :)
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    Let me put my two cents: KidsCanCode (Youtube channel)!

    KidsCanCode - Godot 101: Learning the Godot Game Engine
    KidsCanCode - Space Rocks! - A complete game in Godot Game Engine

    They are so neat and easy to understand (I'm new to Godot Engine).
    It should be on your list.

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    Kobuge link is broken, it opens an intrusive ad

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    @spesknight said:
    Kobuge link is broken, it opens an intrusive ad

    It was dead i think, fixed it. Thanks

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    https://youtube.com/gdquest/ note a single mention of this guy?

  • KioriKiori Posts: 246Member

    fixed your post, and well, I believe he used to have his own post originally. I think that's why.
    And the fact that this is a really old post anyways.

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    Also the link to godot-engine.zeef.com/andre.antonio.schmitz, doesn't work, it shows a blank page (strange because the adress is correct, I guess is the html that is wrong).

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    @spesknight said:
    Also the link to godot-engine.zeef.com/andre.antonio.schmitz, doesn't work, it shows a blank page (strange because the adress is correct, I guess is the html that is wrong).

    You are referring to Akien's post i believe.
    It was working for me, however I reedited it, see if it works now.

    I also noticed the links on the first section of the post were not working, because for whatever reason, they were formatted differently. Fixed them all.

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    @spesknight said:
    Also the link to godot-engine.zeef.com/andre.antonio.schmitz, doesn't work, it shows a blank page (strange because the adress is correct, I guess is the html that is wrong).

    Seems to be browser specific(firefox at least had an issue), but I changed the formating of link source in opening post so it seems to be fine now. Thanks for the heads up.

    edit: also make sure you don't have noscript/script blockers enabled for the linked page, it's JS heavy.

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    I thought he was talking about the Akien post, only now i saw it at the beginning. I further edited it, it works for me on FF and Chrome, plus it's prettier now. :smiley:

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    yeah, you now changed it back into the earlier format just different display text, but I think it's fine. The issue was probably with the JS on @spesknight 's side.

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    Yeah, i think there were " on the wrong place before though. There were " on the other links, and i had to remove them to get it working. Let's see how it goes, if anything now you know exactly what to do if needed. ;)

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    I'm not necessarily structuring these as classic tutorials, however, I am going over concepts and solutions I am running into while developing my game, and it seems some people are finding a use for this:


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    Just came across Steemit there they hve quite a few Godot tutorials.

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    Hi. you need to clean it, and if possible a note if it is for godot 2.x or 3.x


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    (Just so everyone knows, I'm going to try and clean up some of the incorrectly formatted posts, so do not panic if posts change a bit as I try to fix the formatting. Also, this comment may change a bit as I test the syntax )

    Everything should be formatted correctly and fixed now :smile:

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    That .de Wiki is down with the tutorials. :(

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    When you go straight to GodotEngine.de, it says that "the domain has been parked" (if google translate is correct). I'm not 100% sure what that means, but my bet is that the domain expired and so the site was taken down.

    I suppose we should leave it for a bit to see to see if the website pops back up, and I guess remove it from the list if it does not?

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    Yes, it means the domain probably expired. Not sure if the server is still up, I certainly never recorded the IP of it.

    edit: a quick whois lookup indicates that it is the domain that is still registered, perhaps it's the server hosting that actually expired.

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    This series helped me a lot. It doesn't hurt that I'm addicted to this class of game. "Make a Match 3 game like Candy Crush using Godot" by Mister Taft Creates

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    Colin from BornCG on YouTube has some really good beginner tutorials. Four as of now. He's been creating very good Blender tutorials for a really long time. Now he's branching out into Godot and without a doubt, Blender/Godot integration.

    These are really good.


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